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Architectural innovation

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Welcome to Next Gen Architecture:

scalable, high-density logistics solutions that maximize throughput and flexibility, for any small site close to consumers

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Empowering industrial design to anticipate future demands, we integrate current and emerging technologies to address DEMAND

Our services

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At Architectural Innovation we provide 3 primary services:

  • Future Vision Implementation: Leveraging emerging technologies, we reimagine the architecture of logistics facility design to advance its function, increase efficiency, and optimize its lease structure.

  • deep insight into Disruptive Technologies: Monitoring over 150 emerging technologies, we can provide analysis on best fits for shaping and optimizing the Next Gen logistics landscape.

  • composing the dream project: we have a touchpoint to a niche network of individuals in the space of project conceptualization and execution.

Scroll down to learn more about our design approach, or click the radial histogram on the left to navigate to our resource page.

Logistics building innovation

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we are at the forefront of logistics building design, integrating AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies to redefine functionality and efficiency in logistics design.

With a portfolio of over 200 logistics facility designs, spanning single and multi-story buildings and Next Gen logistics solutions, we excel in crafting designs that ensure adaptability to regional resources and alignment with planned development for sustainable growth.

we anticipate what the logistics building of the future will become.

Forward-Thinking Design Solutions

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Supporting Next Gen logistics, we analyze hundreds of emerging technologies and provide insight on developing trends.

we help companies cultivate a culture of innovation by suggesting technologies that align with business objectives.

concept development & ideation

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As logistics innovation advances, so too must the tools for communicating conceptual ideas.

When organizations seek to lead with future-forward designs, clarity in concepts becomes paramount, enabling quick decisions and reducing time to market.

we are at the forefront of pioneering tools that expedite the visionary design process from weeks to days, while fostering enhanced client collaboration.

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About us

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+01 (617) 840-3400


Po Box 51934, Boston, ma 02205

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founded by christopher polaski, an architect and futurist, architectural innovation is the culmination of a career propelled by a vision for what’s next.

Having worked at companies like Perkins+Will, Safdie Architects, and Ware Malcomb, Christopher has attuned his skills in advanced building design and new tech integration.

Beyond an architecture b.a. from Boston Architectural College, Christopher continues honing expertise through Massachusetts institute of technology (mit), focusing on digitalization and supply chain management.

Christopher is a fixture at Mit SCALE (Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) symposiums.

His recent contributions include serving on the "Next Gen Disruptors and Implications" panel at Newmark's 2024 Fast Track leadership conference. He will also be presenting at the Liberty University CEO Summit this fall.

Resource Page

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Topic Discussions

Connect with me on Linkedin where I will be providing additional insights showcasing how certain technologies work better together. I look forward to connecting.